Chase Pecan, in a nutshell

Our Commitment

We are always looking at ways to decrease our carbon footprint through alternative energy sources, decreasing our use of plastics, researching compostable packaging – as well as waste water management.

At Chase Pecan, we care about others. In honor of our legacy of family values, we’re committed to supporting and growing with our community.

• Quality

Our safety and quality standards are anything but basic. All of our growing, shelling and packaging is done in the US, and we take extra care to exceed the safety requirements in every step of the process.

• Service

The Chase family values are rooted in kindness, and we’re honoring that legacy with our dedication to all we serve. We promise the best pecans, fair prices and loyalty with every step.

• Philanthropy

We support a multitude of local organizations in our communities – those with goals and values similar to our own. Furthermore, the Chase Foundation has provided college educations for well over 1,600 high school graduates in recent years. We are as serious about education as we are our nuts!

• Innovation

We encourage our customers to innovate with us. Our operation provides multiple industries with a reliable source of quality pecans to explore and get creative with their food products. We invite you to imagine the possibilities of pecans.


Pawnee Pecans: You’ve never tasted nuts like these.

Chase Pecan grows, shells and ships the best quality pecans on the market, and we’re especially proud of our signature Pawnee variety. With a blonder color and higher natural oil content, Pawnees are buttery and delicious. Click the link below to see all our products or contact us for samples.

Dedication to Service. Quality you can taste.

At Chase Pecan, we’re passionate about pecans, and our mission is to provide exceptional service and products we stand by.

Through the highest standards in safety and quality, cutting edge innovations, and gratitude for our customers, we proudly supply the pecan products you’ll feel good about feeding to your family.

Chase Pecan is truly worldwide, with an international office and an international client base, shipping to over 30 countries.