Pecans, the healthier nut

Chase Pecan is SQF Level II certified and has a validated HACCP program. It is a kosher approved facility and iCix, EDI, and Food Link compatible. Pecans have been certified as a heart healthy food by the American Heart Association.


The best pecan products start with the best pecans.

We are home of the Chase Pawnee, the butteriest, blonde pecan in the world. We offer native varieties, western varieties and varieties of all flavor profiles. Whatever the species, you can be sure it is the best quality if it comes from Chase Pecan. We offer organic options, as well as custom roasted and candied pecans.


Harvesting and Grading

Chase Pecan is one of the largest vertically integrated commercial pecan companies in the world. Vertical integration and a geographically diversified growing base insures that Chase Pecan clients receive only the best.

Shelled pecans are graded to meet and exceed the U.S. Department of Agriculture standards for grades of shelled pecans. Pecans are inspected for any defects, foreign materials, uniformity in size and color, firmness and percentage of kernel in proportion to size.

Food Safety

Chase Pecan is SQF Level II certified and has a validated HACCP Program. It is a Kosher approved facility and iCiX, EDI, and Food Link compatible. Chase Pecan does not handle or purchase additional types of nuts.

Storage and Handling

Room Temperature Storage: Pecans can be stored in a room temperature setting for up to three months. Freshness will vary with climate conditions, but humidity control should be taken into account. If possible, store pecans in a cool, dark, and dry area.


Chase Pecan distributes pecans in 5lb, 10lb, and 30lb boxes. Pecans can be vacuum packed in polyvinyl liners upon request (30lb box only). Retail packaging is also available in the following sizes: 2lb, 1lb, 12oz, 8oz, 4oz and 2oz.